We are a committed force to delivering climate justice in Nigeria through joint efforts and climate education.


Education & Advocacy

We are looking forward to saving our communities through climate education and advocacy


Encouragement & Hope

We encourage you to spend your time wisely by educating these young ones as this will create a much better and comfortable future for them and prepare them for a warming world.


Climate Justice

We believe that our climate education programmes are pivotal to delivering climate justice in Nigeria and Africa at large.


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With your support and donations we will be reaching more children, women , vulnerable and marginalized communities in Nigeria.

About Us

Help is Our Main Goal

FutureSavers Sustainable Development Initiative is an organization involved in projecting and promoting the many actions targeted at mitigating climate change and its effects across Nigeria. We have worked assiduously on different approaches to climate actions which include but are not limited to our monthly climate sit out, tr...


We are Awesome Volunteer Team

To see a world where every institution and person is environmentally-conscious in attaining a green habi...

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We are a team of young, resourceful, committed, concerned and volunteering Nigerians championing the cause for a more climate responsible and responsive and friendly Nigerian society.

We're building, across the country, a mass movement of Nigerians who are ready and taking social, economic, environmental and political steps to adapt and mitigate climate change and its attendant crises.

What we Do

Our Mission

To increase consciousness, sensitization and public awareness on climate change and its effects, work on teenagers to build future climate actors,...

Earth Day Awareness Campaign Walk

A movement against plastic waste.

Earth Day Awareness Campaign Walk

(Google Meet),

Apr 17, 2021

Earth Day 2022

This Earth Day, Futuresavers Initiative, the Ervis Foundation, the POP Movement and Earth Day Network Africa are collaborating to organize a a week of celebrations, from April 18th - April 22nd, to cr...

Earth Day 2022

(Online), via Zoom, Google meet

Apr 18, 2022

The Alarming rate of Deforestation in Africa: Future Projections and Consequences on Climate Change.

Speakers are to enable attendees understand the urgency in putting an end to continuous deforestation activities, explain possible future outcomes and projections that may arise from this actions.

Global Impact Workshop (The Impact of Global Warming on Paediatric Infectious Diseases)

To discuss the effect of global warming on paediatric infectious diseases in young children also proffering solutions.

global warming
Global Impact Workshop (The Impact of Global Warming on Paediatric Infectious Diseases)

(Google Meet (Global Warming)),

Oct 30, 2020

World CleanUp Day 2020

Futuresavers Sustainable Development Initiative's volunteers from all around the globe gather together to clean up the environment, in celebration of the World Cleanup Day 2020.

World CleanUp Day 2020

(Google Meet),

Sep 19, 2020



Saving Our World through Our

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What People
Says About Us

What FUTURESAVERS INITIATIVE is doing in Nigeria towards the environment is exceptionally great and Impressive.

Morgan Truncale, "Let's get engaged community" New Jersey USA

Let's get the message out - your NGO is doing important work.

James Hall, 'Hall about Africa' in South Africa

I admire what you do in your NGO

Maarja Hallik, Tallinn University Estonia

You are so motivated and committed. To be able to pivot with the kind of intention you are exhibiting under these conditions is truly impressive.

Susan Kim, Solight design Inc. USA

What your Organisation is doing should be supported by the government and the department of Climate change. I am willing to do my best to help you.

Mrs Ogunranyi, Dept of Climate change Nigeria

Future Savers Initiative is proactive, professional, creative and incredibly organized. I was impressed with their dedication towards their organizations mission and willingness to cooperate with volunteers and partners across Africa to accomplish a unified goal of making Earth Day in Africa a success. I have great trust in the leadership, staff and mission of Future Savers Initiative as I worked with their team in planning for Earth Day. They are an important member of my network of hundreds of organizations throughout Africa and they took the lead in Nigeria to engage citizens, other organizations and government stakeholders to use Earth Day as a platform to raise environmental awareness and bring everyday citizens together towards a common goal.

Matthew Lefler, Earth Africa Chairman Washington DC USA

Futuresavers Blog

International Day of the Forest

From cleaning the air we breathe to filtering the water we drink, shading and sheltering us from harmful UV rays, reducing the Urban Heat island (UHI) effect, providing us with medicine and varieties of food that nourishes our body, reducing stress, etc, forest provide incredible benefits to human.

Mar 20, 2022 0
World Water Day

Groundwater is water that is found beneath the Earth’s surface and fills the pores in sediment or the cracks in underground rocks. It makes up 30% of freshwater worldwide.

Mar 22, 2022 0
Hydroponic Farming : A Technology Africa Needs to Embrace.

Looking into climate friendly opportunities for efficient and effective farming practices in Africa.

Jul 20, 2020 0

Extinction of edible plants and vegetables

Jun 18, 2020 1

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