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Written By: Bernard Ogechi

The Future we choose: What happens to climate advocacy after this pandemic?

Climate change demands action, humanity must shift from persistent destruction to intentional regeneration. But is this the only problem?

The most consequential question looming us right now is not whether we can address the after life of crises and climate change at the same time, but if we can afford not to do so.

The toughest lesson we have learnt this period is DELAY COULD BE DANGEROUS.

Countries have lost number of people, the economy for some has shutdown, values have been trampled on because little or no attention was paid to the early warnings from the health sector.

The same might be of climate change if the attempts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions are not adequately addressed. As much as many other call outs.

On the flip side, there could be an escapade if:

  • Science and Scientists (experts)are greatly considered and scientific research is funded and encouraged to pull through with adherence by public.
  • Food systems are made sustainable. Making agriculture and food systems sustainable by proposing and implementing food waste reduction, Fair trade, decarbonising food production and distribution systems.


The collaborative approach could result in monumental achievements as both individuals and the government recognise humanity's deep dependence on nature and work towards physical satisfaction rather than emotional satisfaction.

Author: Bernard Ogechi Destiny.

Future Savers Sustainable Initiative, PortHarcourt.

Written By: Bernard Ogechi
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Paul18 July 2020 - 04:15pm

This wonderful piece calls for urgent action. Thanks for this.

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