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Written By: Blessing Olorunfemi
Earth Day

If there is one topic we must all agree on, is that Earth is a living organism, and if she dies, we die too.

Our planet Earth, is 4.5 billion years old, known as home to millions of species, perfectly positioned to the sun so we don't get burned and not too distance so we don't freeze n turn to ice. This paradise we were given, provides us with medicine, food, purify the air we breathe.

Mankind is 145,000 year's old as we are known to be the most advance species that ever exist on earth and so in quest to explore we treated earth as a credit card with no spending limit.

Back in secondary school, we hear our teachers say to us that asteroid were the cause of extinction, but today it's us.. There is more pollution than ever before, more carbon emission, more trees cut down, our seas are drown in the waste we generate, we have increased the extinction of animals by 1,000 times the normal rate, and in the next 100 years every beloved animal character in our children playbook and cartons is predicted to go extinct; rhino gone, elephant gone, lion and tiger gone, polar bears all gone. Species that have been here longer than us will be gone because of us.

Millions of children, women n families are getting displaced due to flood, we now experience drought, wildfire, famine, repeated earthquakes, like a man addicted to drugs, every society feel it can't happen to them, until it does. Climate change known no border, irrespective of your race (be black, white, red, etc), background, religion and belief.

We shouldn't just acknowledged climate change as the biggest threat to our existence, in fact we are the biggest n most dangerous threat to every species on Earth n even to ourselves.. Just like for every action there is always reaction,  Climate change is just a reflection of our unjust behaviour to earth.

We may deny it, but the facts still remains that we all are in a crash course for devastation/destruction n if we don't pump the break, our spaceship Earth won't make it.

It's too late to be pessimistic, we can't delay, it is time to innovate, it's time to create new systems where we support organizations and technologies that are sustainable. It's time begin to teach our generations how to respect Earth, it's time everyone, government, institution become accountable, unit together and INVEST in our future. We must guide n preserve what gives us life.

Earth sustainability is worth fighting for. Register here for the meeting

Written By: Blessing Olorunfemi
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