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Written By: Ferdinand Agaba

According to International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), an endangered specie is an organism that faces a high risk of becoming  due to loss of its habitat, climate change, deforestation, bush burning, high death rate. The death rate of such organisation far outweighs its birth rate over a period of time resulting to a decline in its population.

Few years back, it was the depletion of the ozone layer which sent heat waves across some parts of the world, of which led to many deaths. The depletion of the ozone layer was traceable to the effect of climate change caused largely by the activities of man.
Similarly the heinous activities of some corporate entities and individuals have greatly affected the rainforest in Cross River State (Nigeria) so much that environmental sustainability and biodiversity have been threatened and are on the brinks of extinction.

To this note, I am interested in looking into the species: Turtles and Tortoise which I believe is among the most threatened groups of vertebrates on earth when compared with birds, mammals, fish or amphibians.
These animals (Turtles&Tortoise) outlived the dinosaurs and have roamed the earth for more than 200 million years (University of California). Reasons for the decline of tortoise worldwide includes: habitat destruction, over exploitation for pets, food, diseases, climate change, and cultural practices, as there also exists to be a lot of mysticism associated  with the vertebrate. 

While growing up, I remembered tortoise's contributions to the dispersing of dozens of plant species. In recent times, tortoise are gradually going into extinction. Personally for me, the last time I saw a tortoise was about 12 years ago, and this will tell more about its scarcity.
Cross River State (Nigeria) is home to large forest and vegetation, but the activities of human has culminated in acute deforestation which has led to loss of biodiversity and animals like tortoise. What a pity!

In conclusion, it's important that proper documentation and publicity of the endangered species should be carried out to forestall its extinction. Proper conservation of this species of animal should be carried out by the designated body. Furthermore, massive afforestation should be embarked on by both government and private individuals such as the tree planting project of Futuresavers Sustainable Development Initiative. (F.S.D.I)
Author: Ferdinand Agaba.

Written By: Ferdinand Agaba
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